MAZAL B2B Wholesale

MAZAL B2B Wholesale

MAZALTM Jewel Image
Comprehensive Business Solution for Gem and Jewellery Trade

Kruti is market leader in providing business solutions for Gem & Jewellery trade under brand MAZALTM Jewel Image

Kruti has been in IT industry more than a decade. We have expert domain knowledge & technical capabilities for developing software system best suited to Gem and Jewellery Trade.

Salient Features
User Friendly Design and approach
Data capture forms are intelligently and neatly designed to capture the necessary information. Inventory activities are classified under Item groups such as Jewellery / Metal / Stone / Findings / Articles as per industry norms

System and Data Security Controls
  • Activitywise Userwise Add, Edit, Delete User rights allocation and passwords setup
  • User log reports
Marketing and Sales
Style Master and Catalogue maintenance
  • Item style master information with item image
  • Customer catalogue listings
  • Item search and selection on Gross, Nett, Stone Shape, Stone Wt., Sales price
Customer Contracts and Other Information
  • Sale Labour rate chart either on Item weight / Stone setting type or Manufacturing process
  • Stone rate chart based on Range of Sieve sizes, quality and color
  • Stone Handling charges for labour manufacturing jobs
  • Stonewise sieve size master with grouping on Sale size
Orders Processing Module
  • Item selection with image
  • Order placement of customers based on style and ready stock
  • Single click Quality alteration
  • Order can be directly issued to Karigar for manufacturing
  • Complete Order Tracking with order status reporting
  • Option to generate Estimates prior to Order Confirmation
  • Estimate generation of Styles / Ready stock
  • Application of contracted rates for Stone, Labour
Inventory Management
  • Stocks on Hand / Balances with Party and Karigar with item movement
  • Consignment stocks handling
  • Jewellery tag stock giving details of studdings and rates
  • Stone stocks with Lot / Packetwise details of Wt and packet rate
Stock Movements and Transactions
  • Issues, Returns and Manufacturing receipts
    with return purity
    Mounts and Other Findings
    Stone with packet reference and
    Jewellery tagwise

    Stone - Designwise issue to control Designwise Stone account with Karigar optionally lump sum issues are also possible
    Manufacturing receipts of Metal to Mountings and Ready Jewellery
    Loss accounting for stone breakage and manufacturing loss
  • Purchase - Confirmed or Consignments
    Purchases of Metal, Stones (Diamond & color stones) or Ready Jewellery
  • Sales and Consignments
    • Consignment and Confirmed Sales
      Ready Jewellery issues at contracted rates for Stones and Labour Loose Stones can also be traded.
    • Returns
      Stocks sold or consignment stocks are accepted
    • Labour Job Sales
      Customer supplied goods are used for manufacture with billing on contracted rates
Jewellery Repairs
  • Customer Receipt/Return for Repair
  • Karigar Repair Issue/Return with repair charges
  • Karigar Consumption of raw material difference
Sales Rate updation
  • Total Labelwise stock will be available for updation
  • Sales rate can be updated either Componentwise (like Gold, Studdings, Labour) or Percentage over Cost price (Label MRP)
Customer Supplier Karigar account settlement
  • It can be made either on Quantity account or value account through metal rate fixation (Bhav Kata)
  • Single click Account Receivable/Payable/Pending Order available
Financial Accounting
  • Cash/Bank activity with voucher, cheque printing
  • (Receipt/Payment/ Export Realisation /Import Remittance)
  • Bank Reconciliation updation
  • Journal book entries
  • Expense Book keeping with generation of TDS on Expenses
  • Partywise Billwise Payments allocation
  • Bank Reconciliation report
  • Journal Book
  • P/L headwise Ledger report
  • Trial Balance
  • Final Accounts & Schedule printing
  • Summary Bank Book (Summary of Deposits/Withdrawal)
  • Cost centre wise ledger reporting
  • Detail Trial Balance (Monthly analysis)
  • Monthly Expense analysis
  • Loan Confirmation report with Interest & TDS calculation
  • Account confirmation report
  • GST Reporting for Sale / Purchases / Expenses / Labour etc
  • Tax headwise Sales/Purchase listing
Stock Valuation (Optional Module)
  • Method
    • Metal valuation on FIFO basis
    • Stones valuation on Paketwise average
    • Jewellery valuation on Metal (FIFO) + Stone (Paketwise average) + Actual Labour
    • Findings valuation on FIFO + labour
  • Reports
    • Detail Stock valuation report
    • Stock valuation balance report
    • Validation of valuation
Merchandising/ Product Development (Optional Module)
MERCHANDISING is process of development of design up to creation of master model/prototype either internal factory or through outside contractor.
  • Creation of database of designs generated by designer classified as under
    • Item Category
    • Gold Weight
    • Diamond weight
    • Approved / Processed / Rejected
  • Approval of designs
  • Development process
    • Order to develop Design to Factory / Contractor / Karigar with Order tracking
    • Issue / return of CZ to Karigar for Prototype manufacturing
    • Manufacturing of Prototype based on Order issued to Karigar
    •        a. Consumption of CZ in prototype manufacturing
             b. Conversion of CZ to PD based on predefined chart
  • Reports
    • Query report – Stylewise
    • Order tracking
    • Order status
    • MIS reports on designerwise output
Prototype Management (Optional Module)
of Style are made and used for Sales. Prototypes will be made off Alloy and CZ. More than one prototype of single Style is possible.
  • Transactions for Prototypes
    • Issue of prototype
    • Return of prototype
    • Discontinuance/Removal (due to damage)
    • Loss of prototype
  • Reports of Prototype and Merchandising
    • Physical stock report Stylewise
    • Issued stock report