Maintenance Contract

Maintenance Contract

Invest in the Success of your Software

When you invest in application software such as KAPITAL or MAZAL, you want to ensure the continued success of your strategic initiatives - for your business. Throughout your deployment, Kruti Systems, Software's Maintenance Contract help you ensure that your software and users are running at the speed of your business.

Maintenance is optional with the initial purchase of any Kruti products. We highly recommend that our customers take a close look at the features and benefits of maintaining an Maintenance Contract. Whether your questions relate to how to accomplish task on hand, a technical challenge, or performance / compatibility issues, you will have direct access to the assistance that you need.

With maintenance, you will receive a priority response to your inquiries. With free upgrades to the installed version of software, you will stay current with the latest updates and best technology. On top of that, Maintenance Contract customers gain insight into more productive and useful ways to use our software products through our technical service representatives who have experience with hundreds of installations nationwide.

Purchased at the same time as your software licenses, typically at 20% of the software cost, Annual Maintenance Contract provides you with:

  • Free upgrades to the installed version of KAPITAL or MAZAL to stay current with statutory changes and the best technology. Every new version of the product contains significant enhancements, which include the addition of new features, performance and processing improvements, and much, much more
  • Unlimited support calls via a dedicated support phone line to ensure your users are always up and running. Technical support hours are Monday through Friday 10:00AM - 6:00PM. No more valuable time wasted waiting for quotes and approvals. Turnaround time is extremely fast
  • Email support for designated contacts
  • Priority response to technical support inquiries by a senior technical support representative
  • Direct notification of free software updates including hot fixes and statutory releases
  • Quarterly Technical Newsletter with software tips and tricks
  • Discounts on training sessions, customization programs and other offers from time to time
  • Priority response to error reports
  • Discount offers on new release of the software
  • Priority considerations for product suggestions to help us shape the next version of KAPITAL or MAZAL with the features that are most useful to customers like you
  • Option to participate in the beta test program for the next versions of KAPITAL or MAZAL so you have a voice in product development
  • Opportunity to be showcased as an KAPITAL or MAZAL success on site