Alternative Investment Fund

PMSv2019 is latest entrant of KAPITAL Portfolio Management Product series dedicated to Alternative Investment Fund

Software brings along with complete methods and operational systems, a well established administrative work flow for your Portfolio Management operation

Software starts with on-boarding of Investor (Shareholders), inflow of funds, deployment (Investments) of funds, daily portfolio evaluation and Investor reporting. All the performance related reports are based on universally accepted accounting standards and algorithms for Portfolio Management

Investor Management
Class wise Investor bifurcation for unit allocation and expense distribution. Application / Receipt of funds from investor to the allotment of units

Fund Accounting
Comprehensive fund accounting engine covering wide range of instruments - equity shares, derivatives, mutual funds, fixed income, debt, money market instruments, structured products and alternative assets, NAV calculation and reporting. Interface to integrate with Brokers, AMC’s and Market data providers

Performance Measurement
Portfolio performance, Rate of Return as per industry standards and Tracking against multiple Benchmarks

Classwise Expenses allocation
Investor classwise expense distribution eg. applicability of Management Fees to a class. Distribution of Tax payment - classwise

Broad base fees calculation Module
Upfront fees, Asset based fees, Performance fees calculations with high watermarking

Regulatory Reporting
Report I, II, III and VCF reports. Leverage monitoring and reporting.

Automated Price & Corporate Actions uploads
Daily and historical stock, index prices
Forthcoming corporate actions with auto settlement on ex-date

Automated Delivery & Broker Receipt/ Payments
Scrip delivery posting based on Pay In/Out date
Generation of Broker Receipt/ Payment entries from designated Bank account

Task Management
Fund manager can assign different To-do tasks to their sub-ordinates & schedule reminders for the same

MIS Reporting
Software will provide you with fast and easy access to accurate, reliable data along with business intelligence reporting capabilities to make informed decisions and deliver exceptional client service
  • Scrip Position Report
    Complete view of scrip investment ledger with details of Average purchase/ sale price
  • Broker Business Distribution
    MIS to provide details of distribution of business between different brokers
  • Statement of Profit
    Automated generation of Long/ Short term capital gains each Scrip wise on FIFO or Weighted Average method
  • Portfolio Valuation (Industry wise/ Market value wise)
  • Comprehensive NAV Report
    Complete details of NAV and comparative performance vis-à-vis different indices
  • Computation of Net Assets
    NAV computation with bird’s eye-view on portfolio exposure at fund level, stock at Average & Market price with weightage giving details on Appreciation/ Depreciation Comparison with indices of your choice available
  • Statement of Holdings
    Listing of stock at Average & Market price with graphical representation on Sector wise exposure
  • Monthly NAV analysis report
    Fundwise or Classwise monthly Gross NAV, Expense and Net NAV
  • Investor classwise NAV report
    Unitised NAV with expense allocation
  • Trial Balance

Optional Modules:

Order Module

Fees Module (Performance/ Management)

Research Reports Management System